Brand Strategy + Development
We believe the key to a strong brand is understanding a company’s mission and audience. We work with our clients to create targeted brand messaging and design that cuts through the clutter and reaches the audience in a strong unified voice.

Cause Marketing
Our extensive experience in the non-profit space, provides a keen understanding of "DOING GOOD" business. We work with non-profit organizations to expand their reach, and align for-profit companies with non-profit and charitable organizations to create mutually beneficial initiatives.

Digital Marketing
We understand the ever-evolving digital space + create campaigns that mix the latest technology with traditional digital outreach, key influencers, and social media. We know the importance of understanding both the data and the message, and work to create digital campaigns that inspire real-life action.

Entertainment Marketing
With relationships in film + television, sports entertainment, and music, Striped Elephant is deeply rooted within the entertainment industry. We work with clients to create connections within the entertainment space through branded content, cross promotion, industry outreach, and strategic partnerships.

Event Marketing
We work on all stages of the event process from pitch to post-event wrap; taking a 360-degree approach to events, engaging with clients on event development, production, sponsorship, and outreach to create a memorable experience

Event Production
We work with clients from conception to completion in order to create memorable events. From dinner parties to large scale events, we work with our clients at each step, from venue selection to food, décor, and design.
    With experience as both the sponsor and the sponsored, Striped Elephant is uniquely qualified to provide our clients insight into successful sponsor partnership. We offer a full range of sponsor related services including, property evaluation and sponsorship strategy, as well as third-party sponsorship procurement.

    Strategic Partnerships
    We utilize our cross-industry relationships to bring brands together for mutually beneficial partnerships including contests, events, branded content, promotional partnerships, and more. We work with all parties to create unique properties that effectively reach and connect with a broader audience.

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      Festival + Conference Marketing
      We work with festivals + conferences across the country on outreach, awareness, and communication. From call-for-entries to ticket and pass sales, to red carpet coverage, We have the tools and experience to craft effective campaigns.

      Influencer Marketing
      We connect brands with top influencers across platforms including bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers, to create high-impact, grass root, audience-driven campaigns.

      Integrated Marketing
      We blend advertising, sponsorship, traditional marketing, online marketing, email marketing, social media, brand integration, and public relations across industries to create impactful integrated marketing campaigns.

      Public Relations
      We work with our clients to create and execute effective brand-relevant press strategies, including pitching stories, thought leadership opportunities, and product placement.

      Presentation Decks + Proposals
      We work with clients to produce graphic, message-driven presentation decks and proposals, and combine in-depth brand analysis and market research to create effective sponsorship packages and proposals.

      Social Media Marketing
      We work with our clients to develop custom strategic campaigns utilizing social media platforms, YouTube, blogs, and other social community sites in order to engage the audience, build the brand, launch new product, and effectively achieve marketing and business goals.

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